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Announce pregnancy with  professionally

What are the steps to announce her pregnancy to her employer?

Before announcing:
Before announcing her pregnancy to her employer, the employee should wait three months ... unless it becomes clearly visible! Generally, it is announced in the 3rd month or 4th month. Also note that you can not enjoy the legal benefits associated with pregnancy (reduction of daily working time, leave of absence for medical examinations, protection against dismissal), if the pregnancy is not yet announced.

First step:
Beyond original ideas to announce the pregnancy to the employer, one should still comply with the protocol. Therefore, announce your pregnancy to your employer at a time when you feel he is available and calm, and do so in a face-to-face conversation. Try to reassure him about your period of absence, by already suggesting solutions. Your employer must be the first person at your work that hears about the pregnancy, because if you tell your colleagues first, it is likely that the rumors reach the ears of your employer before you even had time to tell him yourself.

Second step:
It is imperative to announce the pregnancy to the employer by formally sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, which must also contain a medical certificate of pregnancy. It is also important to specify the date of expected delivery and the proposed maternity leave.

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