Announcing your pregnancy to the eldest son

Announcing your pregnancy to the eldest son
You have just completed a pregnancy test or received the pregnancy test results from your doctor? Congratulations, this is the best news in the world!

You will soon be sharing the happy news with your partner as well as with your eldest son or daughter, but you might have questions on how to announce the pregnancy to the eldest son in an original and funny way.

Ideally, you should plan the right moment to tell your child in an amusing and original way that a little baby brother or sister will be joining the family. But do be patient and wait two or three months, just about the time it takes the embryo to settle. Once this period is over, you can safely announce your pregnancy to the eldest son.

To tell him or her that you are pregnant is a delicate matter, which is going to require gentleness and thoughtfulness: your child will rejoice in the fact of having a new playmate soon, but at the same time there is sadness because mother will have to divide her attention among the children.

So, how to put the children's minds at ease? In order to make sure that your eldest child will develop a positive attitude towards the new family composition, it is important to assure him or her of your undying love, independent of the arrival of the baby. Also, try and make your child aware of the advantages to having a little brother or sister. Give the child an active role in your pregnancy and let the child regularly touch and listen to your belly.

In order to enable you to announce your pregnancy to the eldest son in the best possible way, these web pages propose original and constructive ideas to do so with serenity and confidence.