Announcing your pregnancy to your friends

Announcing your pregnancy to your friends
So you have just discovered that you are expecting a baby? Congratulations, this is the best news in the world! In some time, you will be sharing the fabulous news with your loved ones and of course, with your friends. And there's nothing more fitting that to devise a special announcement for special moment with fabulous friends.

Before considering the way in which you want to tell the news to your friends, you should think about the timing: when to unveil your little secret. Your closest friends can be informed immediately, but for others it is better to wait two or three months.

In order to make sure that the announcement becomes a magical memory for you and your friends, you will find numerous different ideas on these pages: original, funny or simply emotionally moving. Announcing your pregnancy to your friends is the ideal occasion to prepare for a moment of togetherness and shared joy.

The website proposes different ways that might inspire you to announce your pregnancy in an original way, thereby transforming this simple moment into an unique, funny and at the same time emotionally moving event.

Do take the time to prepare for your pregnancy announcement: you could start from one or several ideas to create the most amusing, memorable and original announcement ever. Your friends will only be moved more when they find out that your are expecting a baby.